“I was amazed… compared to a typical shampoo, this Quic Shampoo, the shine intensifier, just made the horses pop. The color contrast came out… It was amazing.”

Walnut Trace Farms

“I was really impressed.  The Quic Shampoo and Quic conditioner were really amazing.  The formula was very low sudzing and with very little effort it seamed to just really pull the dirt and grime off the horses coats without having to do a lot of scrubbing. The thing that I was really impressed with was how soft it left both the horses main and tail.”

Kim Gentry Dressage

“It’s amazing! I feel like it really cleans my horse well and it gives them a really nice shine afterward. I put the conditioner on the mane and the tail and I feel like it really gets all of the dirt out and it makes it really glossy. It’s really easy to brush through after that.”

Walnut Trace Farms

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