Have Your Horse Shine
Like the North Star

Quic Sheen adds a fantastic glow to your horses coat, mane and tail.

Top Notch Equine
Finishing Spray

Whether you're braiding the mane and tail or simply leaving it straight, Quic Sheen adds shine and beauty.

Provides a High Gloss Polish for a Mirror-Like Finish

Quic Sheen creates a beautiful show ring shine for your horse’s coat, mane and tail providing optical, mirror- like brightening.

Reduces Staining and Repels
Dirt & Dust for Days

Quic Sheen helps repel dust and dirt during show performances or while riding the trails.

Brushes and Combs Slide Through for Easy Grooming

Helps provide slippery benefits for removing burrs and debris in mane and tails, making grooming easier and saving time.

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