Break-Through Equine
Shampoo Formula

Brand new, break-through technology from Exhibitor's Quic Shampoo is a shine intensifying solution for equine hair.

Creates an Incredibly Soft, Clean Feel and Shine

Quic Shampoo’s gentle cleaning naturally leaves your horses looking and feeling soft, smooth and shiny.

Excellent Stain Remover

For best results, shampoo first with Quic Shampoo. Use one of Exhibitor's color-enhancing shampoos to follow.

Low-Sudsing, Ultra-Cleaning Formula Rinses Out Quickly

Quic Shampoo's brand new formula is low-sudsing so you can clean your horse quicker and more efficiently.

No Harsh Chemicals or Bleaches that Leave Hair Dull and Dry

Quic Shampoo is easy to use and gentle on your horse. The professional’s choice for quality grooming products, so your horse is show ready anytime.

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