Moisturizes, Nourishes and Detangles with Special Blend of Oils

Quic Conditioner is a superb rehydrating micro-protein cream formula for equine hair that nourishes and strengthens.

Say Goodbye to
Dry, Frizzy, Course and
Knotted Manes and Tails

Naturally leaves your horse's coat, mane and tail looking and feeling soft, smooth and shiny.

Reinforces and Helps Strengthen Hair to Resists Breakage and Splitting

Quic Conditiner really goes deep into your horses coat, main and tail helping to prevent breakage and splitting.

Creates Incredible Feel, Enhancing Fullness and Increasing Luster

Quic Conditioner leaves your horse with a mirror-like shine that is absolutely stunning.

Produces a Beautiful, Brilliant Satiny Finish for Show Ring Results

For best results, shampoo first with Quic Shampoo. Use one of Exhibitor's color-enhancing shampoos to follow. After rinsing thoroughly, apply Quic Conditioner to reclaim moisture, luster and shine!

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