Holiday Card Mishap- Horse photography 101

Holiday Card Mishap? Horses that just do not want to pose for your selfie.

Sometimes, getting a holiday photo with your horse is not that simple…

One morning, while tacking up your equine friend to go for a holiday hack around the property, you decide to snap a couple photos. Equipped with a Santa hat and a handful of peppermints, you try to coax your horse’s head down to place the hat in between the ears. After multiple attempts, and many bland looks from your horse, you decide to bag the idea and take some selfies instead.

You raise your phone to take a selfie and try to hold your horse’s head steady, just long enough for the phone to auto focus and find the right lighting. Now your horse thinks you are a rubbing post and proceeds to knock your phone from your hand.  Looks like that photo op won’t work either.

Finally you decide to take a few nice photos of your horse in the stall. Nothing can go wrong there… Equestrians know there always will be problems with photographing your horse, but you might still get some really great pictures despite them!

Some common problems you may run into are…

Horse walking toward you

Problem #1: Keeps walking toward you

“Whatcha got there?”


Holiday horse

Problem #2: Refuses to put their eyes forward

“Are you done yet?”


Horse yawning

Problem #3: Can’t contain their yawn

“Yawns are contagious you know!”


Horse blinking

Problem #4: Closes their eyes

“Retake the picture, I blinked!”


Horses with rider

Problem #5: Photo bomb

“Wait! I want to be in the picture!”


Girls laughing with horse

Problem #6: Sniffing your hair

“Pssst. I have a secret to tell you!”


Here are some tips to get the perfect Holiday Card photo with your horse.

Goal: To stand still in the stall

Bring your horse forward, and then step your horse back a couple times so they respect your space and draw his attention to you. Once you back up far enough for the picture, crinkle a wrapper quietly to get the ears to prick up and “snap” a photo quick!

Horse posing for the camera


Goal: To take a selfie

Crinkle a wrapper in one hand to bring your horse’s head down, and with the other hand, find the right lighting with your phone. It is helpful to put a halter or bridle on your horse so they do not look away!

Selfie with horse


Goal: Family Photo

Grab a friend or family member to help you out! Bribe your horse with treats and click away.  You never know when that perfect moment will happen!

Holiday horse and rider Source

Have you sent out you Holiday cards yet? Send in your spills and thrills of capturing that picture perfect photo with your horse for the holidays!

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